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Beden Publishing operates a streamlined, no-nonsense 2-track recording studio. It's capable of stereo digital recording up to 24 bits at 96kHz, though 44/16 is invariably used, both because no improvement in sound was ever identified, but also because there is rarely any post-processing done after the conversion: all instruments and a good portion of outboard equipment are sequenced and MIDI-controlled for real-time mix automation, and the entire creative process is done in-house so as to maintain maximum individuality of the music in all respects.

  • Behringer B-1
  • Nam Tai microphone for PlayStation 2 (2x, matched pair)

  • Akai Miniak
  • Akai EWI3020m
  • Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX
  • ESP LTD M-10 (modified with EMG 81TW)
  • Hamer XT Standard (modified with EMG 81TW)
  • HyperSynth HyperSID v1.2
  • Korg EX-8000
  • Oberheim Matrix-1000
  • Roland XV-3080 (expanded)
  • Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic
  • Yamaha A3000 v2
  • Yamaha AN1x (2x)
  • Yamaha FS1R
  • Yamaha RM50 (expanded with Tommy Aldridge, Matt Sorum, and Dance & Soul ROM cards)
  • Yamaha TX81Z

Outboard equipment
  • Alesis Akira
  • Behringer MDX 1200 Autocom
  • Behringer MDX 2000 Composer
  • Behringer DSP2024P Virtualizer Pro
  • Behringer MDX 4000 Mastercom
  • Behringer REV2496 V-Verb Pro
  • Behringer RX1602 Eurorack Pro
  • Behringer XR 2000 Intelligate (2x)
  • Boss GT-10
  • DBX MC6 Mini-Comp
  • Digitech TSR-24S with the Chronotronix PPC 200 upgrade
  • FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor (2x)
  • JoeMeek MC2
  • JBL M712
  • Korg DRV-2000
  • MAM VF11
  • Sony DPS-V55M
  • SPL Stereo Vitalizer mk2
  • TC Helicon Quintet
  • Yamaha D1500
  • Zoom 9120
  • Zoom Studio 1201

Control room equipment
  • Allen & Heath ZED-420 mixer
  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones
  • Yamaha HS50M active monitors
  • Yamaha MEP4 MIDI processor
  • Yamaha RM1x sequencer (2x, synchronised for 32 MIDI tracks)

Formerly owned equipment

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